Message Monday 6/17/19 – Encounter Jesus: Disciples Encounter Aqua Jesus

Jerome Parker – Community Pastor

You plus Jesus equals undefeated, unbeaten and unusually victorious. As I grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus, my life starts to look more like his and I am less distracted by the issues of day to day life —- I walk right over them!!


Message Monday 6/10/19 – Encounter Jesus: 5000 Hungry People Encounter Jesus

Jerome Parker – Community Pastor

Jesus is not moved or shaken because of the numbers (facts). As we continue to build our relationship with Jesus we too, will be unmoved and unshaken by the circumstances of life.

Message Monday 5/13/19 – Mother’s Day – Encounter Jesus: Mary, Servant Of The Lord

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

When Mary returned home to Nazareth from visiting her relative, Elizabeth (who was soon to become the mother of John the Baptist), she was already 3 months pregnant and still unmarried. People knew. She was showing. Jesus was raised by a woman who knew awkward! But she didn’t care. Her obedience to God was more important than what people were saying and thinking about her. As she told the angel, she was, first & foremost, “the Lord’s servant.” She was determined to carry out her role in God’s plan to give a Savior to the world—no matter how much it cost her. And you can bet this whole thing was not without great cost to this young Jewish woman. (more…)