11/15/2020 Rebuilding: Opposition

Chuck Foreman – Teaching and Missions Pastor

Big Idea: Life is a play about the struggle between Good and Evil. And we are the players. Fight for what is good! Use your life to make the world better! Do not be overcome by evil, overcome evil with good!

9/27/20 Message – Citizens Of Heaven On Earth: Sexuality

Garry Ingraham – Love and Truth Network

Big Idea: Our genders, male & female, are by design. Physical, sexual union/marriage is designed for male and female. Our natural, gender-based physiology does not provide for homosexual union/relationships. Homosexuality is not a natural, biological sexual orientation.

Big Challenge: Do not be the first to cast a stone at anyone who believes they are Gay. We are broken in relationship, but we are made while through relationships rooted in Christ. Remember, Jesus forgives and heals. He can orient our sexuality according to his design for us.