Let’s Create

santan wheelie

Karl Ingraham – Director of Creative Arts

The journey began with a prayer. Lord would you lead us to the city…if you don’t mind PHX to be specific. Here we are beginning month 4. Living in a new neighborhood #5 and working with the great people of FCC. My mind is in flight with inspiration to create something new and fresh from new experience. Everywhere I look, everyday. Through the glass of my second level office, in the famous design of Frank Lloyd Wright. With wind in my hair in the saddle of a bike. The sound of music in the local scene. Riding the train. Going green. Coffee of the finest roast. Real people, real lives and all of us and life colliding in the same space.

This is our city, it’s your city and if we’re not careful it will become a foreign land. If we invest heart and soul, it will flourish. If we open our eyes and offer our hands, it will prosper and God will be pleased to come to our cause.

As artists we need to look, touch, and smell the fragrance of Spring in bloom and create art that inspires and tells the story of who we are and where we live.

In the coming weeks and months I would love to meet those of you are inspired by the beauty and pain of PHX, to bring real, necessary art to our church and invite other artists to join us.

This Sunday night  at 6:30 at FCC we are going to host a simple night of music, featuring one of your very own, Brandon Barlow and the Would Be Airman with my friends The SkyPilot. Come and out and support local and let’s talk more about the potential we have for local art here at FCC.

If you write, paint, draw, sculpt, or you perform, play or whatever and are interested in being an artist at FCC, email me at karl@fccphx.com or contact us on Facebook or Twitter

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