numberjumble-309x300Debbi Dilk – Care Pastor

No, that’s not new math. But those are the average numbers for the first five weeks of 2014 in the Food Pantry. Sixteen volunteers have done setup, distribution and cleanup for sixty-two individuals receiving food items that helped feed a weekly average of two hundred and three people.

The math may seem “odd” but the commitment of the volunteers and the need of the recipients is any but odd, it’s real! The financial downslide of the last few years magnified the need for food assistance. The FCC Food Pantry has helped meet that need and many FCC members/attendees have expressed their gratitude.

The number that is out of sync in that math equation is the volunteers. How it can be changed is with multiples of the number “1”. One additional service volunteer plus another plus another (and so on) will greatly lighten the work load. Is that one you?

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