Students Just Don’t Care Anymore…So They Say!

fccyouthNathan Maples – Student Pastor

You hear a lot these days that students are getting lazier and more self absorbed by the year! They would rather sit on the couch and play their gaming system rather than to go out and make a difference in the world they live in. Right, isn’t that what you see and hear these days…?

As a student pastor, I would have to strongly disagree with that! I have had the privilege over the past 24 years to see students do quite a bit that matters, and I truly believe they can and will change this world with Christ as their leader.

Here at FCC, the student ministry has adopted two groups in our church that we monthly love on and care for. House of Hope is a ministry directed by Julie Supplee which cares for women and their children who are in tough situations and need to be shown the love of Jesus. We have done everything from yard work, cleaning, and child care for them to give them a much needed break. It has been a blessing watching our students love on others without getting anything in return-just because they want to be Christ’s hands and feet.

Our widows at FCC are our second group of people we as a student ministry love on and care for. This past Christmas, we had students over at one of our widows’ houses putting up decorations and bringing holiday cheer to her. These students have done almost everything you can imagine under the sun for them and have loved every minute of it. So I ask you, do they really not care? Although that may be true of some teens in this crazy world we live in, not ours and I give God all the glory for that one! IMPACT Student Ministries will continue to love on and serve those who need it because we really do care.

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