Play Ball

Toni Duty – Children’s Pastorbaseball

It’s that time of year again… little league baseball season is just around the corner. Time for practice, games, the smell of grass and snacks, right? One thing I love about baseball season is the feeling you get as a parent of the team. There is nothing like that first email or phone call that comes from the coach. They introduce themselves and let us know the expectation for “their team” this season. They get the family excited to be part of something bigger than ourselves!

I know you are asking yourself, what does baseball have to do with Children’s Ministry, Toni? Well, a lot! Have you ever looked at your child’s class on a Sunday morning?  You are dropping your “player” off at practice. The teachers have all assumed their coaching positions and their goal for the morning is to get your kid to hit a home run. They are waiting for the day and ready to celebrate with you!

What would happen if we looked at Children’s ministry as more than just the place where we drop off our kids? What will that day look like when you are sitting in the bleachers, cheering your child on to their first grand slam? This is the one you have been praying for and working on – spending countless hours preparing them for, and we are right beside you doing the same thing.

Our greatest desire is to partner with you as you raise your spiritual champion. We know that everyone on the team is at a different place; maybe they are great at hitting the ball, but not so good at catching. Maybe they are great in the outfield but the infield can be a little intimidating. That is why we are here. Just like your little league coach, we want to encourage you, challenge you and excite you as you lead your child to their first home run. We want to partner with you! Our hearts and time are dedicated to your family. Now let’s play some ball!

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