When Trouble Comes, Who Ya Gonna Call?

who ya gonna callDaphne Lubera – Connections Director

If you think you’re connected because you go to church every Sunday, I’d have to disagree. There are over 600 people on our campus on a typical Sunday morning. But how many could you reach out to when you have a need? Coming to church is the easy part. Who ya gonna call when trouble comes?

Do you have people in your life who know you and care about you? Who can encourage you, pray with you, or even challenge you when necessary? And I say when trouble comes, not if, because trouble will come. It might be a job loss, or marriage struggles, or parenting challenges, or a death. Sometimes all you need is someone who’ll take the time to listen to you, but if you haven’t made connections with other believers, you may feel very lonely when you need support the most.

Sitting in the service on Sunday and enjoying the music, the message and greeting those around you doesn’t take much effort. You can easily slip in and out unnoticed, if that’s your goal.  Really getting to know people: their families; their concerns; their joys and their challenges; this requires effort.

FCC has chosen to use neighborhood groups as the connection point for fellowship and discipleship. We encourage our people to hang out with each other during the week, not just at church on Sunday. We’d like you to share a meal or snack, study the Word, to connect with each other and care for one another, and others in your neighborhood. The goal is to create community.  It’s what Jesus did with his disciples. They did life together. They traveled together, ate together, prayed together, studied together and worshipped together. And not just on Sunday.

So think about it. When trouble comes, who will be there to cry with you, listen to you, encourage you and stand with you during your time of need? Have you found community in your neighborhood group? Have you tried?

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