Message Monday 08/10/14 – The Victory Of God: A Reasoned Look At Revelation

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Revelation is a difficult piece of literature to understand, at first glance. But when we pay attention to the historical circumstance of those who received John’s Apocalypse and learn about the nature of apocalyptic literature, which we also find elsewhere in the Bible, it begins to come together for us. That’s our quest in this series.

When you really read Revelation, you’ll find missing some themes and characters which are commonly talked about by most people when they discuss or teach this book. Here’s a big one… 

Did you realize the term “anti-Christ” does not appear at all in the Book of Revelation? I’ve listed here the only references in the entire Bible which mention the term “anti-Christ”:

I John 2:18
I John 2:22
I John 4:2-3
II John 1:7

So according to John, what does “anti-Christ” mean? How does this compare with popular teaching you’ve heard about “anti-Christ”? I hope this illustrates the importance of letting the Bible speak for itself—and of not reading into it ideas that its authors never intended to communicate.

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