Message Monday 09/21/14 – Be Wise: Being Disciples

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Yesterday we received some good marching orders from Bob Moffitt, a man who has been living what he preaches for long enough to know that it works.

The BIG IDEA was this: The truest reflection of the nature of God is servant hood. Jesus modeled this in everything we know about him. It’s the attitude we as his followers are to have in ourselves. Intentional, willing, humble, joyful servant hood is the core image of God in which  we were created. It’s the kind of life God designed us for. It is who we are to be. So, how do you think we’re doing? 

If we get our discipleship right, our followership of Jesus, our servant hood, then the church will be a window through which the world can see him. If we don’t, the church will be more like a brick wall, a barrier, keeping the world from really seeing Jesus. So, how do you think we’re doing? How are you doing? Is your servant hood, your service, something you do when it’s on the church schedule or your volunteer schedule, or is it a way of life for you?

Churches should probably ask themselves the question, “If our church ceased to exist tomorrow, would anyone give a rip?” Are we relevant to our community? Does our community see us as an asset? Are we really making a difference? Are we serving anyone? Or are we just having our own little religious party inside our 4 walls on Sundays?

But perhaps the real question is not, “If our church ceased to exist…”, but rather, “If I move out of my neighborhood tomorrow, would anyone give a rip?” Am I being a neighbor to anyone in the sense that Jesus taught? Am I serving my neighbors as a way of life? Am I a window through which people can see God, or am I a brick wall, blocking everyone’s view of him? Do I reflect who he is at his core—a servant?  Read Philippians 2:5-11 before you answer that. I will too.

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