Message Monday 10/06/14 – Be Wise: Toxic Charity

Jon Taylor – Lead Pastor

Most of us want to do good, and most of us want to help the poor. We see people asking for money on the street or freeway corners, and we’re not sure what to do. What will they use the money for? What is their real situation? The problem is some of the things we usually do to help the poor aren’t really helping. Several years ago, Phoenix Rescue Mission put out this video to help with some of these questions. 

But what are the real causes of poverty anyway? Has America’s War of Poverty, declared by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964, really done any good in fighting poverty? In an article by Darrow Miller of Disciple Nations Alliance, he makes the sad point that not only have we not done any good in fighting poverty, it’s exactly the same as it was when the “war” began 50 years ago. Click here to read some powerful posts on poverty and its root causes and how to really fix poverty.

We need to rethink poverty and how to cure poverty. This video is a powerful statement on what really works in curing poverty. Watch it, read some of the articles mentioned above, and leave a comment about what you think the real causes of poverty are and what’s most helpful in lifting people out of poverty.

And, if you really want to take action today to help lift someone out of poverty, visit this site and help fund an entrepreneur!


  1. Hi Jon,

    Evangelical entrepreneurship…reaching-out to others to improve their communities and lives by using their God-given gifts and talents to create freedom and independence.

    Thanks for an insightful message, Ken Eitel

    1. Thanks, Ken. You’re right – when we allow people to be creative and work hard to stand up on their own, everyone wins. Thanks for all you’ve done over the years to help people be successful and thrive!

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