Message Monday 10/13/14 – Be Wise: Aliens

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

One thing I’ve realized, even before this series entitled, “Be Wise”, where we’ve exposed some of the toughest issues facing our society today, is that it’s easy to have a pretty straightforward political or intellectual view on an issue until you know someone who is completely wrapped up in it. When you actually have a relationship with an individual who is deeply affected by the issue upon which you have taken a stand, one way or the other, it broadens and sometimes even changes your perspective.

Have you, or do you know anyone who has had an abortion, or who as a medical professional, performed abortions? Do you have any gay friends? Are you engaged in honest dialogue with anyone who is in the gay community? Are you, or have you ever been engaged in actually trying to help lift the poor out of their poverty? What have you learned from your experience in dealing with poverty? Do you know any undocumented people (illegal aliens) trying to carve out a life for themselves in America right now? 

Just so you’ll know, I personally had to be able to answer yes to all of the above questions before I felt I could even begin to address them in the series we just concluded at FCC this week. Our purpose has been to go beyond the party line, beneath the trend in popular thought, and attempt to honor God with our minds in regard to all of these issues: The Sanctity of Life question, The Same Sex Marriage issue, Toxic Charity, and the Broken Immigration System in America.

Last week I spent time again with two friends, both of whom are undocumented aliens living here in America. I listened again to their stories. What I’m more convinced of is that we have a broken and unjust immigration system in this country which must be addressed. We have made it about as difficult and corrupt as it could possibly be for those who want to become legal residents to do so. God is not ever pleased with any form of injustice or corruption. In fact, one of the themes in God’s Story is that his judgment always reigned down upon His People whenever their personal lives and their national life was fraught with unjust practices and unjust treatment of people—especially the foreigner living among them and their own poor.  (Exodus 22:21; 23:9; Leviticus 19:33-34; Deuteronomy 10:17-19; James 5:1-6)

Question: As a follower of Jesus, if you are one, what can you do personally to affect just change in the way our country handles the plight of the illegal, undocumented foreigner living among us? If you’re at a loss, as many of us are, start by learning more about the process for becoming a legal resident or citizen. Get to know someone who is pursuing legal status and citizenship. Get to know someone who is undocumented and learn about their life here. Think out loud about this issue with others who care about it. Communicate with you senator or congressman until you get a response. Share the hope you have in Christ with your undocumented friends. Ultimately, they need to know him too and become part of his Family.

My purpose here is not to be a bleeding heart with an irrational mind, but to challenge us all to think beneath the surface of all of the difficult issues facing our society today. It’s time for the People of God to honor him with their minds. It’s time for us to put good minds and redeemed hearts to the problems in our society which are both dividing us and going unanswered and unchallenged. I dare you…

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