Message Monday 03/23/15 – Proverbs: Upside Down Kingdom

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

We are subjects of an Upside Down Kingdom,
creators of a counter culture on earth,
where God’s will is done,
and battles are won,
where wrong is made right,
where good overcomes evil,
and bad is undone without a fight.

Once we are reconciled to our Creator, we enter into His Kingdom on earth and we begin to learn how to live life in a new way—his way—as he intended us to live all along. It seems paradoxical to us at first, and it really is. We find ourselves part of a kingdom where those who want to be first become last and those willing to wait go to the head of the line, where servants & slaves become the greatest among us all, where those who lose themselves in living and sharing the Good News of Jesus end up finding their true selves, where trust in our Creator makes us turn the other cheek, and where love & forgiveness resolve conflict and remove destructive self-centeredness from every relational equation.

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