Message Monday 04/20/15 – Kingdom Come: The Good News Of The Kingdom

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Have you ever had to try to explain to someone—what’s so good about the Good News anyway?  Sometimes our Gospeldoesn’t sound like the Good News it’s supposed to be at all.  But it should.  More than once, the Gospel writers tell of how Jesus went around preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God.  So what was it?  Take a closer looks at the first four books of the New Testament and you’ll find that in what Jesus did and in what he taught, he was showing us and telling us that the Good News of God’s Kingdom is that he is in the business of undoing the work of our enemy and putting our broken world back together again.  Now that’s Good News—and it’s for everyone. 

And what we all need to understand is this—God wants to do his work in our world through us, his people. We are not only his image bearers, we are his message bearers. He’s given us Good News for all people. But they don’t just need to hear about it; they need to see it too, in the way we live and in the way we care.

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