Message Monday 05/17/15 – The Divine Romance: Hosea’s Story

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Hosea’s story, is Israel’s story, is our story. God is the master life illustrator. His involvement in the story of Israel as a nation is a picture of the relationship he desires to have with the entire human race, his image bearers in this world. We see our own story in the story of Israel—people for whom God provides beauty, purposeful work, sustenance and unconditional love. Although we know he is there, and that what can be known about him is clearly seen in what he has made, we choose not to recognize him or honor him as our Creator. We go our own way, worshipping the created and the work of our own hands rather than the Creator. Yet God pursues us relentlessly and continually expresses his everlasting love to us. Occasionally, he must get our attention by allowing trials and enemies to invade and oppress us. His mercy is severe at times. He will go to any length to win back his beloved. That is Israel’s story and ours.

God wants us to know him as he knows us. It stands to reason. What Creator would not want his creatures to know him and experience his affection for them? God does this despite our unfaithfulness to him. He goes after us even though we are like an adulterous wife. 

In order to tangibly illustrate this unbelievable love, God crafted a living love analogy in the life of his prophet Hosea. Hosea not only married an adulterous woman and loved her and had children with her, he also went after her and wooed her back to himself when she left him for another lover. What husband would do that? God is the husband, our husband, who would do that. He has done that. That is His Story. That is our story. The question is: will we return to our Husband-Creator?

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