Message Monday 05/25/15 – The Divine Romance: A Profound Mystery

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

The physical, emotional, spiritual closeness between a husband and wife is a real life, tangible analogy created by God to illustrate the relationship God desires to have with all mankind, his image bearers on earth. 

What we’re seeing as we explore God’s Story, paying closer attention than we have perhaps in the past, to the language he uses to describe the relationship he desires have with us, is that marriage has a deep, beneath the surface, spiritual meaning. This meaning is deeper and  beside the fact that marriage, as a social institution, is part of the fabric of every human society under heaven. The marriage bond between a man & a woman is the physical, tangible image of the spiritual relationship, the mingling of souls, a symbolic picture of the actual union our Creator wants to have with us, the ones created in his image. And as far as Jesus is concerned, we are the Bride and he is the Bridegroom who wants us to know him and walk with him and live with him.

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