Message Monday 06/01/15 – The Divine Romance: Temple Bodies

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

At the very core of the message of the New Testament writers was this theme: When God became king by overcoming sin, death and Rome on the cross, he left his temple in Jerusalem to inhabit his people, who belong to him and follow Jesus, his Son. Now we are his temple and he actually lives within us. 

When you think about even the possibility that our Creator would actually put his Spirit inside us, whatever that might mean, it would have to be a game changer for any human being. The unmistakable message in God’s Story is, it is! Not only does it matter then, how we live, it is possible, by God’s Spirit, to live differently—to embark on a new kind of life. Indwelling his people, if they would have him, was God’s intention from the very beginning.

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