Message Monday 10/5/15 – Out Of The Darkness

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Moving forward personally, growing in our faith, overcoming weaknesses and difficulties is what we all want and hope for in life. But how often do we move ahead, grow, overcome? More often than not, we stay stuck. Why is this? 

Could it be that we minimize the power of sin in our lives to hold us back from experiencing the kind of life intended for us by our Creator? We are great fence straddlers—one foot in realm of all that is good and worthwhile and one foot in the realm of what can only be described as real darkness.  The sins we hang onto are actually attachments to the Kingdom of Darkness. They will eventually drag us helplessly away from God. Holding onto dark relationships and habits will keep us defeated and in bondage. We will never experience victory, freedom and peace.

What is it in your life that doesn’t belong anymore? What is it in your life that when you look at it, you know, this can have no place in my life if I’m ever going to have a life?

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