Message Monday 10/12/15 – Out Of The Darkness: Unhealthy Partnerships

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Dr. Henry Cloud says, “We need to see the difference between pain with a purpose and pain for no good reason.”  Part of being human in a fallen world is that we all endure physical and emotional pain, to one degree or another. Some pain is necessary, reasonable and acceptable when we know it’s simply the price we’re paying to accomplish a worthwhile goal. We believe in “no pain, no gain” when we’re trying to get in shape, or trying to get out of debt and achieve our financial goals, or when we’re pursuing an education that will make us more marketable. But some pain is unnecessary and for no good reason, yet we endure its misery simply because we believe the lie that says, “You can’t do anything about it; it’s just the way it is and the way it’s going to be.”  Who says?! 

What we all need to wrap our minds around is the fact that the bad  must come to an end before the good can begin. We must rid our lives of toxic relationships and destructive behaviors if we are ever to enjoy the life we long for and which God intends for us. This will require some difficult but necessary decisions about drastic changes and, in some cases, endings to toxic relationships and unhealthy partnerships. Some relationships and people are salvageable and some are not. The wisdom to know the difference and the courage to respond accordingly is what we all need. It really is possible to diagnose character in people, simply by how they respond to correction and confrontation. The wise listen; fools don’t, and evil, hostile people will be out to get you if you confront their indiscretions. How we deal with each of these types of people will determine the quality of and relative peace in our own lives. It’s that important.

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