Message Monday 2/1/16 – Financial Freedom: Encouragement

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

God is not only the great provider, he’s the great encourager. When you survey the human story as it shows up in the Bible, you get the sense that our Creator intends to provide us with everything we need and even more if we will just serve him and follow his ways. Once we get into the rhythm of life walking with him, he gives us the capacity to pass on his generosity to us with our own generosity to others. In this way people hearts are moved in a way like no other.  As they experience their needs being met by the generosity of God’s People, their hearts are drawn not only to those who have helped them, but also to God as they express their gratitude to him.  (See 2 Corinthians 9:6-15)

When we put God first and honor him with our lives and money, he delights in providing for us and gives us the capacity to encourage others with our own generosity. How cool is that?!

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