Message Monday 4/4/16 – God At Work

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Even the creation all around us is waiting to see who the Children of God really are (Romans8:19). Now that is a mind-stopping thought. Paul continues to explain, in Romans chapter 8, that our creation is groaning because of the corruption caused by SIN. When God’s Children show up and do their thing—the good they were designed to do, addressing each of the areas where creation around them is groaning—change, freedom, renewal, restoration, justice, healing, reconciliation happens. Creation begins to be liberated from its bondage and brought into the freedom which the Children of God enjoy as their own lives have been set free from the effects of sin (Romans 8:20-22). Then the only thing left is the complete redemption of our physical bodies as they become instantly imperishable at Christ’s return and we reign forever with him on a new earth (Romans 8:23; Revelation 21:1-5).  How cool will that be?! But in the meantime, we’ve got happy work to do, showing up as God’s Children to make a difference in our world—right now!

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