Message Monday 1/23/17 – Love Your Neighbor: Why It Matters

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Something incredible has happened! The Eternal Word of Life who was with the Father has appeared to us! What?!  This ancient man, John, son of Alpheus, is adamant about it. It wasn’t just a spiritual, emotional experience for him.  He heard the Eternal Word, saw him, looked at him and even touched him. He made a connection with him and he wants the rest of us, his readers, to do the same.  John was deeply affected by this experience. Something way out of the ordinary, something incredible has happened and his conclusion was… 

It matters how we live. We can no longer live a dual life, claiming to know God, but not loving our brother or sister. The bottom line for John, the litmus test, is this: “Whoever claims to live in him, must live as Jesus did.”  Period. So, how am I doing? How are you doing?

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