Message Monday 3/6/17 – Love Your Neighbor: The Giver

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

When we test and trust God with our money, he shows up to use and multiply what we give. He never scoffs at what we offer him either. In John 6 when Jesus was confronting his disciples with the tremendous need before them of 5000 hungry men, and probably some of their hungry family members who’d come along for the hike as well, he wasn’t put off by Philip’s skepticism and mention of the exorbitant cost of feeding such a crowd. And he didn’t laugh at Andrew’s offering of a measly 5 barely loaves and 2 fish. He accepted what seems like a ridiculous offering to us and used it to do what John tells us he already had in mind.

Jesus always sees the need around him and makes the ask of us to meet it. He never asks for what we don’t have; he just asks us to give what we have and watch him do his thing to multiply it and provide both for the need he’s asked us to meet and for our needs.  When we don’t hold out on him, but give of what he’s given to us, he invites us to join him in a new realm, a miraculous realm where we get to see his love for us demonstrated by his provision for us. But when we don’t learn to be givers, we miss out of seeing the GIVER do his thing.

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