Message Monday 4/24/17 – Love Your Neighbor: The Woman At The Well

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Gender is the most basic distinction in all humanity, before race or nationality. We were created male and female. (Just look around.) Gender was intended to complete us not divide us. However, the stronger has dominated the weaker, resulting in oppression, exploitation and discrimination. But Jesus brought unity and mutual respect to the sexes. He elevated women to their rightful place of honor and dignity within the human race. 

When it comes to how we view and treat women, we take our cue from Jesus. The reason women in any society have gained equality with men, or that we even believe that’s important, is because of Jesus. The Christian world view is what has defended and elevated and restored dignity to women.

Guys, if we’re in step w/Jesus, we will honor, defend & respect women, no matter who they are. They are not inferior. Together we are the image bearers of God. Together we serve him; together we serve each other.

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