Message Monday 7/31/17 – Love Your Neighbor As You Are: Gifts From The Spirit

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

God gifts us, equips us and enables us all to serve and contribute to the lives of others in some unique way. Our gifts and abilities are not the same; they are complimentary. This is how he strengthens us as his family, the Church, to care for each other and represent him in and to our world. 

We have all been given the ability to do something which helps others grow and flourish. To not do so is to squander our gift and become parasitic, draining life from the Body of Christ.  But when we use our gifts to serve others, the magic of growth and fulfillment happens in our lives and in those we serve.

Some good questions to ask yourself as you think about the role of spiritual gifts in your life and in your sphere of influence might be:

(1)    How do you know what your gift is?

(2)   What opportunities for service are available to you? (Think needs!) What can you do?

(3)   What do you do that’s not about you? How do you serve? Who do you serve (Besides yourself)? Do you help or serve anyone from whom you have nothing to gain? Are you making anyone’s life better besides your own? Will the world be a better place because you have lived?

God has designed us to function together as a Family, His Family. And toward that end, he has also given us the gifting, abilities, talents and skills we need to make a contribution to the lives of others within the Body of Christ. The New Testament calls these things “spiritual gifts”. Sometimes we have over-spiritualized this topic in the Church, but when you re-read the passages we will deal with in this message, you can see how practical all of the spiritual gifts are when used as they are intended by God. We don’t all get the same thing, but we all get something to use for the benefit of those around us.  What did you get? Are you using it for others?

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