Message Monday 12/25/17 – Imagine Christmas: FLESH

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

God put skin on for you… John 1:1-18

God defeated our enemy, Satan, our accuser at Christmas… Revelation 12

This Christmas…

~Imagine that God has actually revealed himself to you through Jesus.
(God put skin on for you! He entered your world—your story that you might actually know him!)

~Imagine yourself being faithful to him no matter how wickedly the battles of life rage against you.

~Imagine that Jesus has already triumphed over the enemy (your accuser) by his own blood and now you triumph with him by your personal story of faithfulness to him.

Let God’s Story of overcoming the darkness, of triumphing over evil, of entering your world, for you, become your story this Christmas. 

Merry Christmas!                                        

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