Message Monday 5/14/18 – Jesus Follower: Good And Bad Mamas

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

To all women: God is at work in you and through you to bring about good in the rest of us, so we can all participate with him in the restoration of not only our lives, but also our world.

There’s just something about a mother’s touch, her kind words of encouragement, her wise counsel in those moments of uncertainty that we simply cannot do without. Many of us remember all these good things we received from our own mothers, but many of us know we’ve missed out on something essential that can only come from a godly woman or mother. 

The good news is this—once we find our way into the Family of God, he fills in the gaps left in our lives along the way—those essential elements of nurture and development that we all need. And one of the best ways he does this is through godly women, often older women who have walked with God for a long time who can be wells of wisdom and love for the rest of us.

Who might that be for you?  For whom might you be a godly motherly influence?


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