Message Monday 5/21/18 – Jesus Follower: Sheep Or Wolf?

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

In this section in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus brings us some difficult to hear, but indispensable words to all leaders and followers from the Ultimate Leader himself.

He’s been talking to us and warning us about religion for show and the hypocrisy and self-deceit underlying that kind of fake faith. Religion for show is like decorative fruit; it looks good on the outside, but inside you discover only shocking bitterness & disappointment. (We actually have “decorative oranges” here in Phoenix. They are beautifully attractive and enticing, but if you try to eat one you won’t get past your first bite!)

Now in chapter 7 he’s talking to us about what authentic followers of Jesus look like—and what they don’t look like. 

Jesus says, “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them.”  (Mt. 7:15-16)

Inconsistency is the sign of the wolf!  It’s not what people say that matters; it’s what they do that counts! Don’t ever follow anyone whose life doesn’t back up what they teach.

When a man/woman’s words and actions are inconsistent, beware! There’s a wolf lurking underneath that nice fleece costume!

Why does a wolf dress up like a sheep? …so you’ll trust him!

But it’s going to be extremely difficult for a wolf to behave like a sheep for very long. Sooner or later his true colors (and his teeth) will come out. J   Do not endure a wolf. Call him to repentance. If he repents you have saved him and spared the Body of Christ from further harm. If he doesn’t, dismiss him. You must not sacrifice the sheep to save a wolf!

Beware! Do not be deceived by false leaders who operate within God’s Family.
Inconsistency in words and actions reveals true character, as the fruit reveals the tree.
A wolf cannot masquerade as a sheep for long!
Follow the Good Shepherd; he will never lead you astray.

Right On!

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