Message Monday 7/2/18 – Parables For The Jesus Follower: The Weeds

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

We live in a fallen world marked by sin and evil. People who cause others to sin and who do evil themselves creep into God’s Kingdom here on earth. We can’t always prevent what they do or remove them. But a day is coming when God will! 

According to Jesus in the Parable of the Weeds, Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43, you who follow him are the People of the Kingdom—beautiful wheat sprouted from good seed. For now you must grow alongside those who do evil, but keep growing!  Don’t quit; don’t give up! One day evil doers will be no more, but you who do what is right will remain to shine like the sun in the Kingdom of your Father!

Whoever has ears, let them hear what Jesus is saying to his people.

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