Message Monday 1/28/19 – Encounter Jesus: Nicodemus Encounters Jesus

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Are we willing to bring our ideas, actions and treatment of others out into the open to be exposed by the light of Jesus for what they truly are? Nick wasn’t. Check it out… 

A Light had come into the world, but Nick came at night, in secret, unwilling to let his conclusions be seen for what they were. Jesus response to his approach was straightforward and clear:

“You must be born again, from above, from God! Let him/me give you a new heart by putting my Spirit within you, so that you can both see and enter the Kingdom of God. Then you can lay down

your personal agendas for me, and what you suppose the Kingdom of God is. It’s time to believe who I really am and what I have come to do. It may not be what you think!”

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