Message Monday 2/4/19 – Encounter Jesus: Official & Son Encounter Jesus

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Sometimes I think I hear Jesus saying this to me:

“If you do what I tell you, you will see me show up and do what only I can do. But if all you ask is for me to do things for you, you will never really see me work!”

And I wonder, am I just looking for the miracle show in order to keep myself believing, or am I willing to take him at his word and simply do what he’s told me to do? 

Perhaps what God is telling us all is this, “Take Jesus at his word. Do what he’s told you to do. And you will see him show up to do what only he can do!”

The Apostle John says, about the official who encountered Jesus in John 4, “The man took Jesus at his word and departed.”  (John 4:50)

Will we do the same?

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