Message Monday 3/18/19 – Encounter Jesus: The Paralyzed Man Encounters Jesus

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Our original design did not include suffering and death. God is currently at work dealing with these effects of sin in us and all creation. His work of restoration and renewal must begin where sin resides—in the heart of mankind.

This is a great event that happened in the life of Jesus. Check it out and see if you can observe what it is that Jesus really wants to do in us.

GOD’s Story: The Paralyzed Man Encounters Jesus, Mark 2:1-12    

 “When Jesus saw their faith…”  Interesting. Jesus was as moved by the faith of a community as he was by the faith of the one for whom the community was concerned.

And he seemed to be saying to this paralyzed man, “Now that the real issue in your life, the state of your heart, has been dealt with, we can get on with the other things in your life that need healing and restoration.”

Perhaps that’s how Jesus operates. If there is a code to the healing puzzle, perhaps it’s—Heart before Body.

BIG Idea: Jesus has the authority to forgive our sins and heal whatever is wrong with us. We need to let him do his thing in us and praise him when he does!


OT Scripture Suggested Reading:  Psalm 103:1-12

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