Message Monday 4/8/19 – Encounter Jesus: Jesus Encounters The Centurion

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

We not only impact our world for good, but also move people’s hearts and get God’s attention when we put our faith to work. God is moved by our obedient faith. He honors those who honor him. And he responds to our needs when we do his good work to renew his broken world.

This is what happened when a Roman Centurion, an important commander in the army of Caesar stationed at Capernaum, became a believer in the Living God and a friend to his people, the Jews. Who would have thought that a pagan Gentile stationed in a Jewish town would be loved an accepted by the Jews and their leaders! But he was. The Jewish leaders even became an advocate for him with Jesus. Jesus was so impressed by the faith of this outsider—this occupying, Gentile Roman—that he even told his own people, the Jews, that he had never seen such faith in all of Israel.

What was it that this heathen had discovered about himself and about God that we all need to discover as well?

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