Message Monday 10/28/19 – Encounter Jesus: The Adulteress

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Jesus is the great rescuer of the guilty and helpless from condemnation. But, how did Jesus do it?

How did he uphold the righteous requirement of the law (God’s design for how our lives will flourish) and still love people—really sinful people?

That’s what he asks us to do as his followers, as his Church!

The Church will only get good at loving people—sinful people— as you and I get good at loving people—sinful people (just like ourselves)! This is our quest.

GOD’s Story – The Adulteress Encounters Jesus, John 8: 2-11 

In this story, Jesus gives us a vivid, beautiful glimpse of the meaning of his cross—how justice is carried out even when the penalty of sin is diverted away from us onto him. 

In an absolutely unexpected turn of events, this woman, supposedly caught in the act of adultery, is rescued from her accusers and pardoned from the penalty of her sin— certain death by stoning.

She is set free by Jesus from condemnation by her community of faith and by God! Wow! She gets to live! But no longer a ”life of sin.”

So how does this story end? How does the woman respond? Does she actually leave her life of sin?  Will she let what Jesus has just done for her change her life? Would you? Will you?

Finish the story…  You see, we all are either the woman or the Pharisee in this story.  Imagine…

You were just caught in the act of something. Or you were just caught with a stone in your hand.

Jesus has just rescued you from the penalty of your sin. He has saved you, not just from humiliation, but from death—or—from committing murder!

BIG Question: Will you let what Jesus has done for you change the way you live?

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