Message Monday 12/9/19 – Messiah For Us: Humble Servant

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor 

We all need people in our lives who will model Jesus for us, or we won’t get Jesus.

We all need to be modeling Jesus for others, or we don’t get Jesus.

This begs a couple of questions:

  1. Who are your models—the people you are trying to emulate? Are they like Jesus?
  2. What do you do that Jesus would do—not for show, but simply because you follow him?

“It’s not about whether you have stood with the great, but whether you have knelt with the broken.”  -Anonymous

Isaiah, the prophet foresaw an unusual leader for God’s People and paints a picture of a Messiah for Us, which sounds strangely like Jesus.
GOD’s Story–A Messiah for Us: Humble Servant, Isaiah 42:1-9 

When you read this passage and think about the way Jesus illustrated this type of dedicated humility, you realize that the way of our world is NOT the way of our Messiah! The core value of his Kingdom is humble servanthood! Until we get this, we will be building our own kingdom not his!

Chuck Colson, Special Counsel to the President of the U.S. from 1969—1973 was convicted in the Watergate scandal did prison time for criminal exploitation of his own powerful position:

“Nothing distinguishes the kingdoms of man from the kingdom of God more than their diametrically opposed views of the exercise of power. One seeks to control people, the other to serve people; one promotes self, the other prostrates self; one seeks prestige and position, the other lifts up the lowly and despised.” -Charles Colson, Kingdoms in Conflict

And contrasting the leadership style of Jesus with most leaders, Colson said:

“It’s difficult to stand on a pedestal and wash the feet of those below.” 

BIG Idea: 

Jesus is a Messiah for Us! He models humility for us like no one else.
Humility expressed through loving service is the way of his kingdom.
It’s how he establishes justice—what is right—on the earth.

Right On!                

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