Message to FCCPHX – Corona Virus Update 3-16-20

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor 

Hello FCC! 

What if our experience of “church” as we know it in America completely changed?  If we became like the Persecuted Church, in most of our world, and could no longer meet in large group gatherings for worship in our buildings, what would we do? I’ll tell you what we would do—exactly what we are doing under this present health crisis!  

Now that our Sunday gatherings are being suspended at least thru March 29, our FCC Connection Groups are becoming House Churches! I want to challenge you start viewing your Connection Group as the small house church that huddles together in someone’s living room or dining room. 

Whether your group meets on Sundays or not, we’ll have the Sunday sermon on video and message notes ready for you on our website & on the FCC Facebook page. 

If you are not part of an FCC Connection Group yet, please go to our website and find a group under CONNECT. 

With that in mind, in your Connection Groups: 

    • You’ll be spending time in God’s Word and discussing the LIKE JESUS series our whole church is going thru this year. 
    • You will be sharing in the Lord’s Supper together each time you meet. 


  • You will be worshipping God in giving your tithes and offerings. Please continue your giving to FCC. We have missionaries all around the world who are counting on us, good work to do right here in our city and bills to pay here at the home base. You can give thru our website: , thru the FCC APP, at your C-Group, or drop off your giving at the church office. 


  • You’ll be sharing personal needs and praying for each other. 
  • You’ll be considering how your group can serve those in need around you. 
  • And you’ll be staying up on what FCC is still doing in our community—good work that we have not cancelled. 

I believe God is using this present crisis to expand our view of what the Church is. Remember, we are not defined by our buildings and the large group gatherings we enjoy in this country. We are the People of God whether meeting as thousands in a stadium or huddled together in a living room. We are still Salt & Light for our dark and broken world. We are still disciples who make disciples of all peoples. And Jesus is still with us!   Have a great week, FCC!  😊                                           -Chuck 

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