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Message Monday 8/12/19 – Encounter Jesus In Giving: The Bank Of Heaven

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

What’s in it for me?  That’s a question we often ask, perhaps under our breath, but we ask it. This begs another question, one Jesus asks us:

Where is your heart? (more…)

Message Monday 8/5/19 – Encounter Jesus: Encounter Jesus In Giving

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Every single one of us has the opportunity to be in on what God is doing in our world. We can be a Player—an Insider, or we can be a Spectator, always on the outside looking in.

The litmus test for God’s Children has always been this: Are we willing to give our money and our possessions back to Him for the work he is doing in our world?

Our willingness, or not, always reveals whether we view our money as God does, or not. (more…)