Message Monday 3/19/18 – Jesus Follower: Giving And Fasting

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Motives… Why do we REALLY do what we do?  More specifically, why do we practice our religion the way we do? That’s where Jesus wants to take us—if we’re willing to follow him there.   (more…)


Message Monday 6/12/17 – Love Your Neighbor As Yourself: Love Your Poor Neighbor

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger and you invited me in,
I needed clothes and you clothed me,
I was sick and you looked after me,
I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

(Matthew 25:35-36)

There’s something about compassion for the poor and less fortunate that is central to the heart of God.  And according to Jesus, if you read on in his message about the ‘sheep and the goats’ here in Matthew 25, there’s also something about compassion for the poor and less fortunate that separates the righteous from the unrighteous. If the faith that saved us is genuine, it will move us to care for the poor.  (more…)

Message Monday 1/18/16 – Financial Freedom: Choice

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Whenever we’re involved in a discussion or doing some teaching on a topic that, by its very nature, is about persuading us to make some change in behavior or add a practice to our lives, it’s always good to answer the WHY? Question. So I’ve been trying to get down to what that would be for this series on Financial Freedom and all our talk about giving as part of the formula for becoming and living debt free. Why is there so much talk in the Bible about giving and tithing (giving 10% of one’s income)? Why is giving presented in the Bible as an indispensable ingredient in the recipe of financial success? Why does God want his people to be givers? Of all the WHY? Questions I’ve come up with, I think this last one is the bottom line question.

Why does God want his people to give? (more…)