The Ugly American Christian

Controversy and tension in society bring out the best and the worst in us–even in people who claim to follow Jesus. It’s been interesting to me how many avowed followers of Christ have exchanged kindness for criticism lately. We seem almost addicted to spewing forth our views on the latest issue, whether political or social, but not without a certain amount of venom. We don’t seem intent on bringing people on either side of any given fence together in intelligent, respectful dialogue; rather we seem intent on perpetuating the divide with our divisive rhetoric. Obnoxious is the word that comes to mind. Is that really what our nation or our world needs at the moment?  (more…)

Pre-Easter Thoughts

I’ve spent a good part of my week with Sundar & Sareeta Thapa, our national partners in Nepal, who are visiting the States thanking U.S. supporters for their help with earthquake relief and telling about the incredible work God is doing through them to advance his kingdom in Nepal. It’s been great for me to sit and listen to their personal stories again, as they’ve been sharing with various small groups at FCC.  I can visualize each story from the times I’ve spent with them on their turf in Nepal. They are two of my heroes in the faith—people who have truly suffered for their faith in Jesus and in whose presence I feel unworthy.  (more…)

Can I Really Be Holy?

Jon Taylor – Lead Pastor

In my last post, I wrote about a great online (and free!) study offered by Disciple Nations Alliance called Coram Deo, which means “before the face of God.” The teaching is designed to help us live every day as a follower of Christ before the face of God.

I’m also currently reading a great book by Alan and Debra Hirsch titled Untamed, and a lot of it flows right in line with the teaching on They write, “A Hebraic understanding of holiness suggests that all of life is actually in the process of being redeemed and brought into the sphere of the sacred: Holiness begins with God, flows into our own hearts and our lives, moves from there into the community, and eventually reaches every aspect of life in the world. God is extending his sanctity over every-increasing portions of life until all is made holy. God is never a detached observer, but is deeply involved in the sanctification of the world. In fact he leads the charge!” “Holiness is not gained by withdrawal from the world but by active, redemptive engagement in the world.”

That’s living coram Deo! I easily fall into the trap of thinking that I just want to escape the world and all its troubles, but if I did that I wouldn’t be allowing God to bring redemption to the world through my life. Let’s actively engage in the redemption of this world and live coram Deo!


Want To Grow Deeper?

Jon Taylor – Lead Pastor

Would you like to deepen your understanding of what God is up to in the world and what role He has for you? Would you like to learn how you are to live in this world you are in? Would you like to know what it really means to live as a disciple?

I want to make you aware of, and encourage you to go through, an amazing resource that can really help you grow in your understanding and maturity. And, it’s free! It’s called Coram Deo, which means “before the face of God.” The series is about living life in the presence, under the authority, and for the glory of God. It is a series of video lessons and readings that help you understand different worldviews, the ABC’s of culture, what the Kingdom of God really is, and much more. If you are ready to grow, to learn, to grow deeper, then this is a resource for you. I’m about half way through the course, I absolutely love it and am growing with each new lesson.

Check it out today and join me in living Coram Deo!