Message Monday 5/8/17 – Love Your Neighbor: The Adulterous Woman

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

How did Jesus do it?  How did he uphold the righteous requirement of the law (God’s design for how our lives best work) and still love people—really sinful people? We see him do this over and over in the gospel narratives.  He sides with the guilty against their accusers, all the while not condoning the sin, but looking passed it into the life of the sinner, somehow discerning the deeper need of the moment for support and affirmation. In doing so, Jesus stands in opposition to those bringing condemnation and judgement, absorbing the hostility directed at the condemned onto himself. Could that be what he has also called us to do as his followers?   (more…)

Message Monday 5/1/17 – Love Your Neighbor: Jesus & Women – Interview with Wallace Kamau, Missions of Hope Int’l, Nairobi, Kenya

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Jesus and the completely new orientation toward life which he gives us, has changed the way women are valued in every culture where you find his followers. Today African women are being lifted out of poverty and oppression within Christian communities who are transforming the way women view themselves and  the way they are treated by men.   (more…)

Message Monday 4/24/17 – Love Your Neighbor: The Woman At The Well

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Gender is the most basic distinction in all humanity, before race or nationality. We were created male and female. (Just look around.) Gender was intended to complete us not divide us. However, the stronger has dominated the weaker, resulting in oppression, exploitation and discrimination. But Jesus brought unity and mutual respect to the sexes. He elevated women to their rightful place of honor and dignity within the human race.  (more…)

Message Monday 4/17/17 – Love Your Neighbor: The Victory Of God

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Most of us have had plans and dreams for our lives—an agenda for how we’d like our life to be, however realistic or unrealistic it might be. If we believe in God, we hope he agrees with our personal agenda and would even like to have his blessing on it. It’s difficult for us to imagine that he would not be concerned about the same things we are. And so we pursue our plans and dreams expecting him to be right there in the middle of it all. If all goes as planned, we claim it’s because of his blessing and favor upon us. If our personal agenda takes a nose dive and goes straight south, we feel abandoned by God. It leaves us empty and bewildered and perhaps even bitter.  (more…)

Message Monday 4/3/17 – Love Your Neighbor: The Return Of The King, Part 1

Chuck Foreman – Teaching / Missions Pastor

Jesus did not enter our world just to teach us how to be good enough so that he could whisk us off to heaven when we die. He came to bring heaven to earth—to inaugurate the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That’s why he taught us to pray, “…your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)  He taught us a different way to be the People of God on earth, regardless and often in spite of our national identity. He needs no nation’s own sovereignty to be sovereign himself and to accomplish his purposes for our world or to establish his kingdom in it. This very thought was inconceivable to Jesus’ contemporary countrymen.  (more…)

Message Monday 3/27/17 – Love Your Neighbor: The Return

Jon Taylor – Lead Pastor

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Edmund Burke Most Americans think we are in unique financial times, especially since the big crash of 2008. But Cicero, in 55 BC, had this to say about Rome: “The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of the officials should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”  (more…)