bob fesmire

Message Monday 7/4/16 – God At Work In You: Declaring Our Independence From Fear

Bob Fesmire – Guest Speaker

We were fortunate to have Bob Fesmire share with us on July 3rd on how we can declare our independence from fear and worry. Jesus gave us some practical principles that are recorded in Matthew 6 that can help us live free from immobilizing worry. First, we need to acknowledge that worry is a sin and repent of it.  (more…)

Message Monday 06/15/15 – Divine Expression

Bob Fesmire – Guest Speaker

Something is going on in the Human Story, in history. A collection of ancient manuscripts claims that the Creator of our world showed up in his own world at a point in our space and time. He showed up as one of us. Since then his followers, despite their human faults and failures, have actually done some remarkable things to make this world a better place. And they seem bent on continuing to do so.

As the story goes…  (more…)