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Message Monday 1/30/17 – Love Your Neighbor: Overcoming

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

You can just feel the love coming from the Apostle John to his readers, the people he refers to as his children, in what we have labeled his 1st letter. He’s the one from whom they first heard the message of Jesus and he has obviously become their spiritual father. Now he’s writing to them to help them through some rough spots in their discipleship. Not unlike our lives today even though we are over 2000 years removed from our first century Christian ancestors, the temptations all around them, the popular narrative of their culture and the contradicting message of false teachers is all closing in on them. John can see their demise if they give into pressure and believe a twisted truth. At times there is desperation in the tone of his writing. So he writes to both encourage them and warn them. What he says is as good for us as it was for them. And we can all use a good pep talk like this from time to time. Here’s what John has to say in this section of his letter:  (more…)