Message Monday 9/28/15 – Grace: Spiritual Gifts

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

The BIG Idea in all the teaching about spiritual gifts in the New Testament is that God’s grace comes to us in the form of a gift, especially tailored for each of us, so that we can use this special ability to strengthen the Church, fulfilling a need, which if unmet, handicaps the Body. (more…)

Monday Message 9/6/15 – Grace: The Grace Of Giving

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

We’ve been exploring a new paradigm in our attitude toward salvation lately at FCCPHX.  We’ve been challenged with the idea, the possibility, that eternal life is not a future thing, in heaven someday, but a lifestyle and way of living that begins now when we enter into a relationship with our Creator. Jesus called this the life of the eternal age, which he himself ushered in as Messiah. And he defined our overused and seldom understood Christianese term, eternal life, in John 17:3. Go ahead and look it up. I dare you! Jesus’ own definition of eternal life changes everything about our traditional view of eternal life. We live in this eternal age now as Children of God, knowing him, and as Followers of Jesus, his son.  (more…)