jerome parker

Message Monday 6/17/19 – Encounter Jesus: Disciples Encounter Aqua Jesus

Jerome Parker – Community Pastor

You plus Jesus equals undefeated, unbeaten and unusually victorious. As I grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus, my life starts to look more like his and I am less distracted by the issues of day to day life —- I walk right over them!!


Message Monday 6/10/19 – Encounter Jesus: 5000 Hungry People Encounter Jesus

Jerome Parker – Community Pastor

Jesus is not moved or shaken because of the numbers (facts). As we continue to build our relationship with Jesus we too, will be unmoved and unshaken by the circumstances of life.

Message Monday 11/5/18 – Parables For The Jesus Follower: The Tower & The King Going To War

Jerome Parker – Community Pastor

Your life is the single most valuable asset that you posses, it is also the most significant seed that you can sow.  The opportunity to follow Jesus is as easy as a simple  yes, however, it is important to understand the cost of what that yes actually means.  As we dig deeper into understanding that yes, hopefully we are challenged to intensify what our version of following Jesus looks like.