jerome parker

10/25/2020 Citizens of Heaven on Earth: History

Chuck Foreman – Teaching and Missions Pastor

Big Idea: History is sacred. The good and the bad. We learn from the sins of our past, confessing them. Determined not to repeat them, we move forward to rebuild, so that God’s kingdom may come, and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

10/18/2020 Called to Repair

Soncire Brown – Children’s Pastor

Big Idea: As a follower of Christ we are called to REPAIR the breach. When we encounter God and learn of Him, we can respond by not only seeing what is broken but by being empowered by His Spirit to repair it or bring it back to wholeness.

8/30/20 Message – Living And Loving Through Disagreement: Seek The Good Of Others

Jerome Parker – Community Pastor

When we constantly seek our own benefit and the not benefit of others we enter into the arena of pride — pride is the appetizer to destruction – so while we’re busy arguing and being divided we are actually adding ingredients to a meal of destruction. Stop Hurting-Start Loving

That’s whats up!!!

4/19/20 Message – Like Jesus: 4 Chair Discipling – Chair 3 – The Worker

Jerome Parker – Community Pastor

The work of being a Jesus Follower is really where the rubber meets the road. No matter how deep we grow in our walk with the Lord we’ll never stop being workers. There are no furloughs or vacation days for doing of the work of the gospel. Work with pleasing the Heart of God in mind.