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Message Monday 12/28/15 – King Jesus: All These Things

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

When Jesus began his work as “God with us” ushering in the Kingdom of God on Earth and demonstrating that he was the long awaited Messiah by bringing good news to the poor, justice to the oppressed, comfort for the broken hearted and distressed, healing the infirmed and bringing freedom to those in bondage (Luke 4; Isaiah 61), he noticed something disturbing–there wasn’t a great deal of difference between his own people, the People of God, and the pagans, who didn’t know God at all. They were both scratching, clawing, running after and worrying about material things: what they would, eat, drink, wear, etc. etc. etc.  (more…)

Message Monday 12/21/15 – King Jesus: A Different Kind Of Kingdom

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Hundreds of years before Jesus arrived on the Palestinian scene “preaching the good news of the kingdom,” (Matthew 4:23) there were clear expressions of a new and different kind of kingdom which God would bring about on earth, nor just for or among the Jews, but for outsiders (Gentiles) too. All our favorite Old Testament scriptures which show up every year at Christmas time were declarations of this coming kingdom. Isaiah makes it clear when he says, …and the government will be on his shoulders,” (Isaiah 9:6) that his kingdom (whoeverhe is) will not rest on the shoulders of its citizens, being a parasitic burden on them as are the kingdoms and governments of men. Rather, he will have “shattered the yoke that burdens them, the bar across their shoulders, the rod of their oppressor.”  (Isaiah 9:4)  (more…)

Message Monday 12/14/15 – King Jesus: A Different Kind Of King

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

Nothing about the Christmas Story is anything any of us would have ever thought of in a million years. There are similar stories in Greek and Roman mythology of the gods philandering with humans but nothing like what you find in the New Testament. And I’m not just saying that because they pay me to. I don’t do this for the pay; I do this because the gospel is so surprising, so inconceivable that it’s believable. God Almighty born to an unlikely couple causing a scandalous scene (they had to get married much sooner than they had planned, by the way), a virgin, in the right town (Bethlehem), to fulfill centuries old prophecies written in the Hebrew Scriptures, a census ordered by the most powerful man in the world (Caesar Augustus) which took Joseph back to his home town—the right town, at the right time, heavenly bodies doing their thing—Jupiter and Venus aligning in the night sky forming the largest “star” those Babylonian astronomers had ever seen, within the constellation of Leo—the Lion, the mascot of Judah—telling those ancient scientists exactly where to find this One born King of the Jews.


Message Monday 12/7/15 – King Jesus: Messiah King

Chuck Foreman – Teaching Pastor

It seems that to be needy in some fashion is part of being human. If we’re honest, we’ll admit that we are always waiting for someone or something good to come along, hoping for some kind of change for the better, longing for this or that need to be met or a certain dream to be fulfilled. And when we do receive or achieve or benefit from something in some way, we still aren’t  completely satisfied. When things aren’t quite just so in our lives in every way, it can affect our happiness. We believe that when we find that special someone or that thing that we imagine will fulfill us, that then we will, in fact, be happy and fulfilled. Our lives become a quest for fulfillment.  (more…)