Easter 2013 Sermon – Define The Relationship

We’re all fans of Easter. I mean, it’s the biggest event on the Christian calendar, right along with Christmas. We like it. We like Jesus’ role in Easter too. But do we like Jesus the way we like the Phoenix Suns or Cardinals? The Doobie Brothers sang, “Jesus is Just Alright with Me.” They were fans. But is that what Jesus wants from us—to be “Jesus fans?” What happens when our team’s not winning, or Jesus doesn’t come through for us like we want him to? What then? Perhaps we need to define the relationship.

Are we fickle fans or faithful followers? I’ve decided that I don’t want to be a fan.

03/17/13 Message – Praying Outside the Box

Prayer, as far as God is concerned, cannot be contained in any of our traditional, cultural, or even religious boxes. God wants us to pray outside the box—for everyone, even kings, and especially the unsaved. We have direct access to Him through Jesus, our mediator who has purchased all of us from our slavery to sin. King Jesus is looking for men whose hands are dedicated to his purposes. He wants us to lift up our dedicated hands in prayer, not being hindered any longer by the anger that often controls us.